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Liverpool put in probably their best performance  so far this season against the Villa.  First of all it should be said Villa clearly were suffering from injuries and suspension (they’ve spent most of the season sitting on top of the injuries table).  But Liverpool also had some major absences with Gerrard, Carra, and Torres missing.  The fact that Liverpool played so well without the big 3 stars of team is the most encouraging fact of the game. Credit should be given to Lucas and Meireles who put in the kind of midfield domination I’ve been waiting all season to see. Possession was retained well, and the passing and movement of the team was very impressive.  N’Gog and Johnson combined nicely in the second half to almost score with a move that wouldn’t look of place at Barcelona.  Babel and Maxi both scored great goals. The aforementioned players have all been looking much more confident lately and I will be delighted if Maxi, Babel, and N’Gog continue improving and establish themselves as top class players.

But before going overboard it must be noted that this game was at home – Liverpool have still only won one game on the road this season and have a roadtrip to Newcastle coming up.  Hopefully the insanely stupid Newcastle board of directors have done us a favour by sacking a manager who was really doing very good job for them.  For years people have been saying that Newcastle are the worst-run club in Britain, and I believe the prosecution can rest its case now.

Also Newcastle should worried by the fact that Torres will be back in the side next week.  I’m sure that the birth of his child will leave him feeling over the moon and a hat-trick will be the icing on the cake.

Last of all I just want to mention that seeing the pre-match footage of Gerard Houllier almost walk in the home dressing room by accident did put a smile on my face.  I hope things pick up for him at Villa now that this game is out of the way.


During the baseball world series, fans of the San Francisco Giants took to holding up signs that said “Torture Me”.  That being a reference to the experience of watching their home team. Most of the performances by Liverpool this year could be called torturous, or maybe public humiliation. Like the public stockades villages used in the medieval days.  All that’s missing from it being an authentic recreation of these old punishments are the obligatory rotten tomatoes and cabbages hurled at the victim.


The most worrying thing about seeing the Reds get turned inside out by a team that will probably be playing in the Championship next year was that it held no surprises. My complaints that I made recently about a lack of team spirit and an inability to keep possession of the ball in the opponents half again proved to be their undoing. I have to ask myself, have Liverpool become the football equivalent of  ‘Troll 2’ – a movie so bad it actually becomes funny and quite enjoyable? No. Rather it’s more like one of the rare bad movies that Steven Spielberg or Quintin Tarrantino make. The talent is there, the script is there. On paper it should be very successful, but somehow it just falls flat.

If this team actually had some real characters in it, and not so many one dimensional mercenaries, things would be different. If Djibril Cisse were still at Liverpool then maybe they might still be losing games, but it least they would lose in style.