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Although I have seen Dalglish, Rush, and John Barnes play for Liverpool, it was a ‘Legends’ match. These are the players from my own era that  are my personal favourites and with which I associate fond memories.

Robbie Fowler : Perhaps the reason that I fell for Liverpool.  A healthy Fowler in his prime was probably as good any striker in English history. Breathtaking, elegant.

Dietmar Hamann: All-time favourite player in my favourite position. Had zero pace but it didn’t matter since he was one of the most intelligent readers of the game in the modern era.

Michael Owen: The way he left the club and what he has done since clouds and distorts the way many supporters think of him now. But from 1998 to about 2004, he let Liverpool supporters have the bragging rights of  owning the best goal scorer on the planet. Before his hamstrings went, there were centre backs in the league who went on record to say that he was the most feared striker in the country. He was also more than just a goal poacher like now – then he had amazing dribbling ability and could create goals from nothing.

Steven Gerrard: Best player in the history of the club.

Fernando Torres: again, like with Owen, we have the bragging rights of having the best centre forward on planet earth. Fastest player to hit the 50 goal mark in the history of Liverpool. The best striker in England since Henry. Pace. Ruthless.

Luis Garcia: the football equivalent of Thomas the tank engine.  I’ll always remember him playing injured against Everton and still getting stuck in to help win the game. One of the most charismatic players Liverpool has had. I was really sad when he went back to Spain.

Sami Hypia: For about 10 years one of the most familiar sights in Liverpool matches was Big Sami effortlessly collecting the ball off of attacking players and then initiating play to the opposite end.  Because of the physical dominance he had, crosses into the box never ruffled a feather of the Liver bird.

Jamie Carragher: The most loyal player anyone could ask for. Gives 110% in every game.

Djimi Traore : On his day he was actually a much better defender than people give him credit for. Strong,tall,  and with plenty of pace, he was not an easy player for opponents to get around.  And because of his lanky build he was one of the most interesting players to watch just in terms of style. When he put in a sliding tackle it looked great.  Of course there was the number of bad blunders he made, but that only made it more special to see him with a Champions League Winners Medal.

Dirk Kuyt: “Worth his weight in gold”. Kuyt more than anyone else I’ve seen (other than Carra and Gerrard) embodies what a Liverpool player should be. A player who will sweat blood for the team. Chase lost causes. Never gives up.  To the novice, or a sports writer from the Guardian, his quality is not apparent. But people who know football, also know that he is one of the most valuable players in the world.  I could go on forever talking about what a fantastic he player he is to have at Liverpool.

Agree or disagree? Who would you leave in, or take out from your list of favourite players?