Life remembered as double years

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have an awful memory, and it isn’t just because of the concussion I sustained recently whilst skiing. If I try to remember what on earth was going on in my life four years ago, I’m at a total loss. Only when I stop and think…2011..-4 =2007…one year after we won the FA Cup, 06-07 European Cup runners-up, we signed Torres…3rd place in the league was it?….ah, that’s right, just at this time four years ago I was making my decision to major in philosophy.

For those afflicted with the same addiction I have, life literally revolves around Liverpool FC (or whichever club is your dealer). After all, life is essentially a collection of memories. The acquiring of, storage, and reminiscence of memories.  Lose your memories, and you yourself will disappear.  And in the life of a football supporter, landmark games or seasons are the great marker points of your life.
The connection between memory and identity has been something I’ve been pondering for the past year or two. Is it our identity and personality which shapes the memories we have or the other way round?  It actually seems difficult to say where the one ends and the other begins. And why is it that my own personal life always seems to follow a similar pattern to the fate of my club? Parts of my life which I would rather not remember or think about always seem to have happened at a time when Liverpool were having a bad time on the pitch. And on the other hand when I’ve had amazing opportunities professionally, or to travel, we win at least one trophy.  I know I’m not the only one who sees it this way.

Honestly I still do feel a bit dopey from that knock on the head. And I know I’m really just mumbling to myself, and can’t really pull together a fully coherent article. But the smell of the vinegar in the compress on my left hand does pep me up a bit.  Mind, oh that bit of nausea is coming back.  How long til I can take my dose of Tylenol again? ohhhhhh

Blackpool doing the double over Liverpool? I thought it was a practical joke! Torres scored a wonderful goal coming in off of the right, and the interplay and overlapping of our fullbacks was actually the best it’s been this season.  But one bad player, that’s all it takes. Every time Milan Jovanovich touched the ball, a disaster was imminent and you could sense it. Why the gaffer let him play the full 90 minutes is beyond me. And that Martin Skrtel! Is he ever useless?! Remember Alan Hansen and how…..

bla bla bla bla

I can still remember the Blackpool-Liverpool score.  That’s a positive.


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